Consumers concerned about their carbon footprint will soon be able to drink beer and assuage their guilt over the environment at the same time as Kelloggs releases a beer made from leftover cornflakes.


Men who drink just two cups of coffee a day could double their partner’s chance of falling pregnant.


eineken has withdrawn a television advert after it provoked an online storm and accusations of racism.


The owners of the Grumpy Cat brand, based around a cat with dwarfism and an underbite who perpetually looks grumpy, have successfully sued a company for £500,000 for unauthorised use of pictures of the animal.


Richard Branson’s son said they had survived Hurricane Irma as they hunkered down in the wine cellar on Necker island, but it had destroyed a lot of the buildings.


As a nation, the UK drinks more white wine than any other colour.


An act of sparkling wine skullduggery in northern Italy has left Europe with 400,000 fewer bottles of bubbly.


TV chef and author Anthony Bourdain has blasted craft beer, likening the burgeoning scene to the sci-fi movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


hey’re more expensive and less eco-friendly than ground or instant coffee, but we can’t get enough of single-serve pods.


As if you didn’t love wine and cats enough already: Now you can drink your favorite Friday night beverage along with your favorite companion, and feasibly never have to go out into society again.

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