What could be better than beer delivered straight to your door? A personal tasting tour hosted by the guys from Beer Country! What an epic age we live in. If you’re in to craft beer in read m


I’m quite picky when it comes to pubs. I mean – don’t get me wrong – the SAB jol with rugby on the big screens definitely has its place, but if the most a bar read more The pos

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Beer: Steam Beer Brewery: Anchor Brewing Company Origin: San Francisco, California Alcohol: 4.9% a.b.v. Available: Banana Jam Cafe, Cape Town Brewing since 1896, Anchor is most famous for their &


A few days ago, Anheuser-Busch released a commercial during a pretty popular sporting event. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called the Super Bowl. It peaked at around 120 million viewers that nigh


Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery: Pabst Brewing Company (Contract) Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alcohol: 5% a.b.v. Available: Banana Jam Cafe, Cape Town PBR. First brewed in Milwaukee in 1844, Pab


“You want transport? You like surping? Maybe you like massage complete?” “Yes, kind sir, I would love those things . . . but how much?” “I give you best morning price!” “In that case, le

The Daily Feed

Receive a daily summary of drinks news.

Beer: Red Stripe Jamaican Lager Brewery: Desnoes & Geddes Limited Origin: Jamaica Alcohol: 4.7% a.b.v. Available: Banana Jam Cafe, Cape Town “Hoooooraaaaaaay beer!” That’s


Hop bombs. Admittedly . . . I love them. Unabashedly so. According to the latest stats from the States, a lot of other people do as well. But what drives this obsession? Or is it an read more The pos


I’m not so naive as to think that honesty is always the best policy. “No officer, it was actually 145 kilos per hour. That’s really the sweet spot for 3rd gear wheelies. At 120, I re


Have you ever wondered why many micro breweries in South Africa are producing the same beers? There’s a reason everyone makes a pale ale, blonde, lager or some other slight twist on an easy drin

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