One of the leaders in the Belarusian spirits market, Zavod Bulbash, offered ARMBRAND studio to develop design for high-premium Triple Seven Vodka, using black, grey, and blue colors.


Designed by Gonzalo Jaen, this wine bottle concept is cool, elegant and contemporary.


A wine that keeps you engaged and social!


This advertising agency really likes to take it’s drinking to the next level.


“In 2002, the new owners of Prpich Hills Winery had a problem. 


In a world of cookie-cutter products, Protea is on a mission to make wines that dare to be exotic and beautiful, in every way imaginable.


A collection of wine bottles I would buy just for the art.


Every year Peter Barry buys and raises three pigs to be butchered and turned into prosciutto for his friends and family.


The Four Souls wine collection is designed for Señorío de Somalo using a unique range of materials. 


Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and one of the oldest alcoholic beverages and it’s packaging like these that keeps us wanting more of this amazing beverage.

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