Wineries Set To Expand Facilities Left High And Dry

Niagara Region wine estates repurpose spaces to adapt to pandemic


Visiting Wine Country For Harvest? Bring A Sense Of Adventure, An Appetite And A Mask

Reservations are now the norm, but with fewer guests because of COVID-19 safety precautions, you?ll be able to learn more from winery staff

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Success In A Can: New Filling Line Drives Expansion At Collective Arts

The Hamilton brewery has embarked on a rapid expansion to markets around the world


Why A Beer Brand Invested In A Film That’s Now Getting Its Premiere At Tiff

This year, one of the 50 movies airing at TIFF is Underplayed, which centres on female DJs and is funded by Labatt Breweries of Canada

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Homegrown Distilleries Moving Into Western Canada’s Ready-to-drink Cocktail Market

Quality local ingredients and a craft sensibility are keys to the growing success of Alberta and Saskatchewan spirit-makers


Travel News: Niagara’s Wine Region Opens Up To Visitors

Also: Montreal?s Mural Festival continues until Sept. 20, with large-scale art work displayed along Boulevard Saint Laurent

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As Visitor Sales Sour, B.c. Wineries Flourish Online

Wineries, which depend on a steady stream of tourists visiting their tasting rooms, were forced to quickly shift to direct sales, which include e-commerce and curbside pickup


I Saw A Chilean Red Wine Advertised As ‘dry-farmed.’ What Does That Mean?

Dry-farming or dryland farming means the crops aren?t irrigated. Natural rainfall provides the necessary moisture to promote the growth of the vine and ripen the grapes

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Celebrate July 1 With Flag-waving Sparkling Wines From Canada

Winemakers in Ontario, Quebec, British, Columbia, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have become serious bubbleheads


British Columbia Is Auditioning Pinot Noir As Its Signature Grape

As the only red-wine grape planted in every growing region in the province, pinot noir is the best vehicle to display the diversity of styles and expressions British Columbia is capable of

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