Celebrate July 1 With Flag-waving Sparkling Wines From Canada

Winemakers in Ontario, Quebec, British, Columbia, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have become serious bubbleheads


British Columbia Is Auditioning Pinot Noir As Its Signature Grape

As the only red-wine grape planted in every growing region in the province, pinot noir is the best vehicle to display the diversity of styles and expressions British Columbia is capable of


Eight Tasty Ways To Support Canadian Wineries

Wineries across the country are shipping bottles to consumers? homes. Here, eight bottles to order to your doorstep


10 Warming Red Wines To Get You Through The Last Gasps Of Winter

Among the selections is a gratifying red blend from trailblazing Barossa winery Torbreck made by its new chief winemaker Ian Hongell


Crimestoppers For Hire: Can A Public Challenge With A Cash Prize Dramatically Reduce Liquor Store Thefts In Alberta?

Edmonton Police Service Chief Dale McFee said the impact of liquor store thefts and robberies on both public safety and police resources in Edmonton has become 'completely unmanageable?


Ten Wines To Make Your Heart Flutter For Valentine’s Day

This week?s recommendations include different takes on fruity white and sparkling styles and a mixed bag of red wines with juicy, refined or complex characters


A Breakthrough Year For One Of Niagara?s Most Celebrated Wine Couples

Thomas Bachelder revived the Le Clos Jordanne brand, while he and his wife Mary Delaney started selling wines under their label online


Western Canadian Distillers And Bartenders Are Starting To Go Global

Canada exports an immense amount of its boozy wares, with nearly $1-billion of alcohol shipped internationally each year


Cedarcreek?s Renewed Focus Reflects The Dynamic Changes Afoot In The Okanagan Valley

Chief winemaker Taylor Whelan is too focused on the future to take a victory lap


Finding Vegan-friendly Wines Isn?t As Easy As You?d Think. Fortunately, That Is Changing

While it might come as a shock given it?s a product of grapes, wine isn?t necessarily vegan-friendly

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