Vineyard inhabitants in the Okanagan and beyond include internationally celebrated players as well as lesser-known entities


Imbzzl keeps the light-hearted spirit of Laughing Stock Vineyards alive, with wine names such as Fast One, the red blend that is sure to attract attention. Plus, an enjoyable new whisky from Forty Cre

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Good examples of chardonnay continue to be produced in vineyards across the globe


Traditional balsamic vinegar is highly regulated while commercial (or industrial) balsamic vinegar is sold in supermarkets at a much lower price


A Canadian chardonnay brought home a best-in-show commendation from one of the world?s most important wine competitions, while two well-established B.C. families have joined forces


Blanco tequila is so diverse, Stephen Beaumont makes the case for using it in virtually any cocktail


The fresh and flavourful styles of chenin blanc are being toasted later this month, but these bottles from South Africa can be enjoyed any time of year


Ontario wineries continue to be hit hard by business and travel restrictions as the COVID-19 pandemic evaporates traditional revenue streams

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The estimates for sauvignon blanc suggest a reduction of 30 per cent to 40 per cent, which could mean a shortfall of more than 100 million bottles of wine to satisfy global demand


The current release of Flat Rock?s estate pinot noir is one of this week?s recommended wines, along with a range of Canadian wines with ties to the early days of the industry

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