Which Drinks Go With Which Barbecue Dishes?

Barbecue booze: our resident drinks expert chooses wines, beers and booze-free thirst-quenchers for your bank holiday weekend cookout


Barbecue Cocktails – Recipes To Satisfy A Thirsty Crowd

The good mixer Four cocktails and one mocktail that are just the ticket for a bank holiday weekend barbecue


Don’t Like A Natural Wine? Try Another One

Letter: Because their producers don’t follow the strict process of ‘technical’ winemaking, some natural wines are below par – but others are delicious, says Jonathan von Zelowitz


Germany bans beer ads that suggest it’s good for you

Beer cannot be marketed as beneficial, a German top court has ruled after a consumer rights group sued a brewery on the basis that it’s advertising falsely suggested health benefits.

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The Co-op’s Best Wines

Known for its ethical and Fairtrade wines, the Co-op’s offering can be a little mixed. But this year there is much to enjoy from its interesting list. Here are three to look out for, says David Will


Wedding Wines That Will Get A Great Reception

At a loss for what to serve at your impending nuputials? Here are a few suggestions


Cocktail Of The Week: Bakewell Fizz

The good mixer A tea-time favourite transformed into an indulgent aperitif


Is Napa Growing Too Much Wine? Residents Seek To Preserve Treasured Land

Industry insiders and local environmentalists fear agricultural development has become untenable, threatening the valley’s future


Not To Your Health: Germany Bans Beer Ads That Suggest It’s Good For You

Consumer rights group sues brewery for using the word ‘bekoemmlich’ which implied its beer was wholesome


Has Wine Gone Bad?

The long read: ‘Natural wine’ advocates say everything about the modern industry is ethically, ecologically and aesthetically wrong – and have triggered the biggest split in the wine world for a

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