Michael Mosley On Drinking In Moderation

It?s not all bad news, despite what the papers say ? a glass or two of what you fancy can be beneficial to body and soul


Ten Ways To Cut It As A Wine Bluff

Looking for a shortcut to oenological enlightenment? Here are some hints for making a little knowledge ? and some orbital shaking ? go a long way


40 Top Wines – From Everyday Reds And Whites To Special Champagne

From weeknights to celebrations (and wines to lay down), the Observer wine critic picks great bottles for every occasion


Labels Of Love: The Art Of Wine

Bottles have never been brighter, as new-wave producers use striking graphics to lure the buyer


Heineken’s Aim To Have A Positive Impact In Africa

Letter: John-Paul Schuirink of Heineken responds to a Guardian long read


Vintage Wisdom: Jeanette Winterson On Wine

The author is a long-time wine lover. Here, she shares her cellar secrets and reflects on how Britain finally succumbed to the grape


Hunker Down And See Out The Winter With Valpolicella

Three lush and rich reds from the Veneto


Don’t Tip Away That Stale Beer!

Stale beer adds oomph to stocks and cakes, while any lingering bubbles help make a beautiful batter


Cocktail Of The Week: Jinjuu’s Passionfruit Martini

Passionfruit liqueur and soju, the national drink of Korea, combine in this refreshingly unusual tipple


Is Furmint The Tastiest Grape You’ve Never Heard Of?

Often overlooked, furmint is the star ingredient in sweet Tokaji wines from Hungary, but dry styles are now making headlines, too

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