Try These Immunity Boosting Detox Drink Recipes

These lip-smacking coolers are great for strengthening your immune system and boosting metabolism. |


Liquorice Tea Can Up Your Risk Of Developing Hypertension

Liquorice is a traditionally used medicinal herb used to treat liver diseases and other health conditions. However, this herb can up your risk of developing hypertension, finds a recent study. Here, we tell you about the possible side effects of liquorice.


7 Health Benefits Of Sipping Rooibos Tea

Rooibos is as healthy as your regular cuppa chai if not better.


Tried and tested tricks to ensure you don’t get to drunk at New Year parties

Whether you are a pro at drinking or a novice, these drinking tips will ensure you don’t get drunk quickly at your upcoming New Year’s Eve parties. Thank us later.

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Is it a good idea to add ice to fruit juices?

Fruit juice and ice are like a quintessential combination. When you order a fruit juice in your office cafeteria or any local juice centre, the crushed ice is added before any other ingredient.


5 reasons why diabetics should start drinking green tea

Diabetes is one lifestyle disorder that needs proper attention and management to keep your blood sugar level in control.

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Red grapes and wine helps fight depression

Love drinking wine? Well, you may just want to grab one even when you are depressed. A new study has found that red grapes and wine can help ease depression.

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