Coffee lovers in India were introduced to a novel way of savouring their preferred beverage — brew sachets. At an online brewing session organised by Something’s Brewing, they experienced how these little brew bags offered them flavour without the trappings of instant pre-packed coffee or coffee powder.


Belvedere?s new organic vodkas make good use of plant-based botanicals and natural essences


Anthony Wonke?s new documentary turns the lens on Johnnie Walker, following the whisky?s 200-year journey through archives, anecdotes and more


MaduraiThe completion of Mullaperiyar drinking water project in the next three years will solve drinking water shortage in Madurai city, said Corporation Commissioner S. Visakan.He was addressing the

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Corks and glass bottles are getting edged out by wine in cans. The global trend is now in India, with Fratelli and Sula?s new offerings


KRSMA Estates ranked 46 in 50 World?s Best Vineyards last week. What does this mean for this small but steadily-growing industry?

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KRSMA Estates near Hampi is at number 46 in 50 World?s Best Vineyards 2020


Ahead of World Gin Day, we address all the questions you (and some of us) were too embarrassed to ask, and get experts to fill in the gaps


A master distiller explains why this Scottish region is iconic in the world of whiskies


Preview the oldest whisky festival in the world, in the city this weekend

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