It's been a long season, right?


Making bacon jam is the greatest gift you can give to your future self.


6 February marks Frozen Yogurt Day! Originally, the health-conscious trend of the 1970s spurred the creation of this frozen treat.


Sometimes the best things in life are also the simplest. Case in point? The waiter's friend. While there are plenty of fancier options on the market, this wine key is a restaurant standby for a reason


This is a simple dish, made with lentils cooked with shallot, garlic, and toasty Indian spices.


You can make sparkling cider with anything from fresh-pressed cider from the farmers’ market to apple juice from the grocery store.


Can’t function without that cup of coffee in the morning?


Do you ever wonder why so many people automatically reach for a beer to go with African, Asian, or Caribbean foods?

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I have only negative memories of boxed wine: from college basement parties to my grandmother’s tennis friends in Arizona, it never held my interest.

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