Everybody Loves Koffie In Cape Town

CAPE TOWN, Marc 18 — Everybody loves koffie in Cape Town. For Capetonians have access to some of the best coffee in Africa, with a growing number of cafés, professionally trained baristas and roa


‘it Gives Me Tingles’: Glenfarclas Rep Discusses Abundance Of Scotch In Malaysia

PETALING JAYA, March 14 — It is a truth appreciated by whisky aficionados that the key ingredient to a great Scotch single malt is great character. Glenfarclas certainly has one of those; his na


Beer-wine Hybrids Are A Delicious Boon To Indecisive Drinkers

NEW YORK, Feb 19 ― “It takes a lot of beer to make great wine.” Or so the old winemaking chestnut goes. These days, the inverse is becoming true, with wine making inroads into beer recipes t


Cognac Craze In Us, China Prompts Hennessy Expansion

PARIS, Oct 19 — The world's biggest brandy producer Hennessy yesterday opened a new plant in southwest France to try to satisfy the seemingly insatiable thirst for its liquor in the US and Asia.


Face Of California Wine Is On Fire, Threatening Us$50,000 Grapes

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 10 — Wildfires tore through northern California’s iconic wine-growing regions of Napa and Sonoma, damaging some of the most valuable vineyards and wineries in the US and leavi


Five reasons why sake is best served warm

NEW YORK, Feb 23 ? The dogma about sake today is that high-quality versions must be served chilled, but that is a total misconception. In fact, there are many quality sakes that are best enjoyed wa

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Detroit chef creates 10-course menu based on Radiohead songs

Apparently, when a Detroit chef and Radiohead fan listens to the album “Kid A,” dishes like maple sugar-seared duck breast, pink peppercorn gastrique and orange juniper pearls go dancing in his head.


Vodka made from cow’s milk makes international debut

Until man figures out how to turn water into wine, New Zealand dairy farmers have come up with a way to turn cow’s milk into vodka.


Michelin UK editor wants to eliminate the term gastropub

The editor of the latest Michelin pubs guide UK is calling for an end to the use of the term “gastropub” as a means to denote watering holes that offer finer dining options.


Michelin promotes London restaurants as Blumenthal gains

Michelin upgraded two restaurants to two-star status in the 2014 Britain and Ireland dining guide: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and the Greenhouse, both in London.

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