Monkey 47 Brings Its Special Distiller’s Cut Line Stateside

Tucked away in the idyllic and verdant mountains of southwestern Germany, Monkey 47 has been producing top-notch gin (Schwarzwald Dry Gin) for over a decade now.


The 9 International Vermouths You Need To Know – The Manual

Vermouth got its start in Turin, Italy before the French started to steal their thunder. Over time, the Italians perfected the sweet red (rosso) vermouth while the French excelled at creating dry, whi


Here’s To The New Decade: 20 Year Old Whiskies To Drink In 2020

2020 is barely a month old, so it's a good time to consider some 20-year-old whiskies to drink in this first year of the new decade.


7 New Celebrity Booze Brands To Drink Now

Celebrities have been endorsing booze brands for decades.Nowadays, actors, musicians, and athletes are creating (or sometimes just lending their names to) a variety of spirits brands.

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Jose Cuervo Reveals New Agave-based Biodegradable Straws

Jose Cuervo Tradicional, in partnership with BioSolutions Mexico and PENKA, has come up with a sustainability solution that it calls a "biodegradable bio-based drinking straw made from upcycled agave


The Best Gins For A French 75

While not strictly a holiday cocktail, the twist on the Tom Collins known as the French 75 proves especially popular at this time of year.

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A Simple Guide To Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is complicated, but that's part of the draw. Here's how to understand and enjoy the nuanced wine. In addition, we show you a few must-check-out wineries along the way.


The Final Game Of Thrones Whisky Is Better Than The Series Finale

Game of Thrones is finally over after a series finale that disappointed many and thrilled a few others. Now, the Game of Thrones series of single malt whiskies from Diageo is coming to a close. Hopefu

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The Dead Rabbit Team Brings Irish Whiskey Festival To New York City

The team behind famed bar The Dead Rabbit is bringing an Irish whiskey festival to New York City. In advance of that, Jack McGarry sits down with The Manual to talk about the state of Irish whiskey.


Old Pulteney Relaunches With New Design And Whisky Lineup

Nicknamed "the Maritime Malt," Scotch whisky brand Old Pulteney has relaunched in the United States with new branding and a few new expressions.

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