How Many Nuts Should I Eat A Day? All The Nutty Questions You Want Answered

Are activated nuts better? What's the healthiest kind of nut? Are they good for me? This is the low-down on the most frequently asked nut questions.


Lunchbox Shaming: How I Learnt To Make The Perfect Japanese Bento

I learnt the hard way that making a school lunch in Japan is not only about a full stomach, or even nutrition. It is an art form.


Processed Food Leads People To Eat More And Put On Weight, Study Finds

It seems like research that should surprise no-one: when people eat lots of highly-processed food, they're more likely to gain weight.


Eggs Wars: Salmonella Outbreaks Blamed On Free-range Farming

If you want to buy salmonella free eggs from the big supermarkets, buy caged eggs and not free range.


‘vegan’ Tuna Upsets Fishing Industry

The marketing tactics being used to sell a soy-based "vegan tuna" has upset the Australian seafood industry.


Retail Food Admits Extending Use-by Dates

Retail Food Group has confirmed media reports it extended use-by dates on food products but says it is withdrawing them from sale by franchisees.


Demand For Australian Wine ?may Outstrip Supply? As Exports Soar

A growing international thirst for Australian wine coupled with dry conditions means that supplies of the nation's wine could soon be running dry.


Milk Breakthrough Can Keep It Fresh In The Fridge For 60 Days

A Queensland food technology company has patented a process it claims can keep milk fresh in the fridge for 60 days without additives or preservatives.


Bega Triumphs Over Kraft In Battle Of Peanut Butter

Australian brand Bega has had a court win over American food giant Kraft to be able to use the well-known yellow-lidded peanut butter jar.


Coke To Cut Plastic Use By 10,000 Tonnes

Coca-Cola Amatil will double its use of recycled plastic by the end of the year, with seven in 10 bottles to be made from recycled plastic.

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