Here’s Why Knickers, The Famous Meme Cow, Is So Big

The latest internet sensation is a cow. Or more accurately a giant steer (a castrated male) by the name of Knickers. Science explains why he's so big.


This Twitter Bot Invents The Most Heinous Flavors Of Fanta Ever

Fancy a can of Warm Bacon Fanta anyone?


What Wine Pairs Well With Penis

Noted cybersecurity-turned-cryptocurrency expert John McAfee made an interesting bet on Bitcoin last year. As the world’s largest cryptocurrency climbed to dizzying new heights, McAfee didn’t see


This $400 Juicer That Does Nothing But Squeeze Juice Packs Is Peak Silicon Valley

It's hard to decide which is crazier: Juicero's $400 juicer system that simply squeezes juice out of a bag, or its CEO's attempt to defend the company.


The new Starbucks virtual assistant is the barista version of Siri

Starbucks is putting its own spin on the virtual assistant.


This London startup is using AI to brew beer

IntelligentX receives customer feedback on its basic beers via a Messenger chatbot and sends it to its AI to improve its recipes.

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I tried Go Cubes chewable coffee, and I’m pretty sure this is what cocaine feels like

A lot of tech/science/innovative concepts come through TNW's doors on the daily – some of them make it to consumers' hands, others get killed for their own


Minibrew`s all-in-one beer making system will turn anyone into a brewmaster

The craft beer movement has exploded over the past decade. From independent brewers to big beer companies, everyone’s trying to get in on creating a unique ale that’s tailored to perfection.


This iPhone app will help you track down the best sandwiches in London.

London has no shortage of eateries, but knowing where to go for that perfect sandwich isn’t all that easy if you find yourself in an unfamiliar part of the city. However, this is one quandary this app tries to solve.

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