Starbucks South Africa announced on social media that it will be opening its first shop in Cape Town this year.


There are very few places that offer a better getaway than Franschhoek. The pulsating heart of the Cape Winelands can be both frenetic and serene, perfectly poised within its own duality. But, at the top of the hill lies La Petite Ferme – an idyllic hotel with luxury lodges.


Seattle Coffee Company has taken the home ground advantage and is beating Starbucks at its own game.


Poison City, a Durban-based brewery, saw a gap in the market back in 2018 and released a cannabis-infused lager shortly after the Constitution Court decriminalised the private personal use of marijuana.


A new revolutionary takeaway cup is taking the world by storm and recently also started to make waves in South Africa.


If you’re currently eating anything or about to eat a meal, you might want to finish up before you get to the end of this piece. In the latest viral video to leave South Africans feeling a bit uneasy, some dodgy “object” can be seen floating in Liqui Fruit juice.


South African literacy organisation, help2read, and Seattle Coffee Company have released five limited edition coffee sleeves, each featuring the artwork of primary school learners enrolled in a reading programme from schools around the Western Cape and Gauteng.


Ah, coffee. The elixir of life. It has changed a lot in the last few years with all sorts of toppings and flavours added to it.


Everyone knows the famous foods from South Africa – boerewors, biltong, pap, melk tart, vetkoek…but what about all the awesome drinks we have too?


Foodbeast writer Sean Fahmy decided to create a profile on the dating app Tinder, only he takes the form of wine instead of a person.

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