Is This The Last Straw? Firms Innovate To Move Beyond Plastic

In an effort to address concerns about how these once-beloved tubes are littering our streets and waterways, companies as well as municipalities have rallied to ban or limit their use.


Markham Chef Teaches Revolution Of French Pastry With Asian Flare

Cordon Bleu graduate and Gusta Cooking studio owner Baron Hau’s mission is to elevate palates across the GTA.


This Italian-inspired Tonnato Niçoise Salad Is Fresh And Fishy


Enjoy A Little Surf And Turf With This Ground Pork And Shrimp Ramen Soup

Learn how to prepare this tasty bowl.


Quail Confit With Garlic And Thyme Is Perfect Any Day Of The Week

Prep a batch of this quail confit on Sunday and have it for dinner and lunch during the week.


Mashed Potatoes Meet Chicken In This Crispy Chicken Patty — No Bun Required

These patties freeze well, so prep a bunch and have them ready to go for busy weeknights.


Congee Is Comfort Food For A World Of Cultures

Ophelia opened Pinoy Congee in 2015 and it quickly became a popular spot among the local Filipino diaspora who missed the thick porridge — a comfort food back home.


Shake Up Your Salad Routine With Crunchy Slaw And Tender Pork Chops


Loaded With Herbs Like Parsley And Basil, This Pasta Dish Is The Ultimate Guilt-free Indulgence

With just a little Parmesan cheese, garlic and olive oil, this herb-packed pasta will have everyone going green.


Update Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich With An Open-faced Turkey And Pear Version

Ooey-gooey raclette cheese is the pièce de résistance in this recipe.

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