Alcoholic Fanta Lemon Slushies Are The Summer Cocktail Everyone’s Raving About… And Here’s How To Make Them

JUST when you thought a can of lemon Fanta couldn’t get any better – someone goes and turns it into a slushie. And not just ANY slushie – a vodka-infused lemon Fanta slushie at that. The High…


Danniella Westbrook Goes For A Run In Just Her Knickers And Bra In The Woods

DANIELLA Westbrook appears to have embarked on a health kick as she went for a run in just a sports bra and knickers today. Ever the exhibitionist, Danniella wore matching underwear, socks and a ha…


Danniella Westbrook Flashes Knickers And Swigs Champagne As Bail Charges Are Dropped

DANNIELLA Westbrook flashed her knickers as she downed champagne to celebrate her bail charges being dropped. The former EastEnders actress was arrested last month over alleged “malicious com…


Tesco Is Selling 15 Cans Of Heineken For £10

THE bank holiday may be over but there is still time to have a beer in the sunshine while the weather holds. Tesco is offering 15 cans of Heineken for £10, but if you use a cashback app you can get


Everything You Need To Know About Weightlifter And Got Actor Hafthor Bjornsson

HAFTHOR Bjornsson is a force to be reckoned with in the world of weightlifting. Here’s everything you need to know about the record breaker and Game of Thrones star… Who is Hafthor Bjor…


Whisky Tasting On The Wild, Windy Northern Coast Of Scotland Is A Must

WRAPPED up against the wild, windy northern coast of Scotland, I feel that ­famous warm kick. It’s a nip of Scotch on a blustery day. But surrounded by the moody, blackened stone walls of Old Pulte


Gordon’s Launches Must-have Pink Summer Tipple In A Can For Just £1.80

GORDON’S has launched its popular summer tipple in a can for just £1.80 – and it’s sent fans into a frenzy. The Premium Pink Distilled Gin with mixer will be sold at four major supermarkets in


Student Poses With ‘mentors’ Tequila And Pizza In Her Graduation Pics… And She’s Our New Hero

NEW Jersey native Jackie Dobak has paid tribute to her “2 special mentors” in recent graduation photos. The 21-year-old was pictured smiling with a bottle of tequila and a pepperoni pizza in …


Tesco Is Selling Bottles Of Jack Daniel’s For Just £8

TESCO is flogging 50cl bottles of Jack Daniel’s for just £8 – but you’ll need to be quick. A litre bottle of the whisky will usually set you back £32 at the supermarket. By taking…


There’s A New Lime And Cucumber-flavoured Sprite And We’re Not Sure About It

SPRITE has been given a refreshing makeover with a new cucumber flavour – but we’re not sure what to make of it. The cans of fizzy pop normally have a citrus flavour but the new ones ha…

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