Moonshine Producer Ole Smoky Battles Pepsico Over ?mountain Dew?

Not a phrase one expects to type very often, but here we are: This is a fascinating piece of news concerning trademark disputes!


Budweiser, Coleman Tout New Beer-meat Products For Millennials

Budweiser-branded bratwurst, pulled pork, and spareribs are coming to grocery stores this summer in partnership with Coleman Meats, in an attempt to lure new, younger customers to the meat aisle. In a


Til How The Church Saved Wineries During Prohibition

I was talking to a sommelier when he just casually dropped the knowledge that the Catholic church saved many wineries during Prohibition. Although wine sales were illegal under the Volstead Act, a leg


5 Rum Recommendations From A Fancy Rum Shopgirl

Previously, on recommendations from a fancy [insert spirit here] shopgirl, Allison Shoemaker suggested six whiskeys (mostly bourbons), five ryes, six vodkas, and six gins. This week, rum. Yes, she wil


Taste Testing Fentimans’ Weird, Wonderful, Botanical Soft Drinks

There?s about one week left of Dryuary, and if you?ve lasted this long, congratulations! Also, I feel you. I have been through every single LaCroix flavor on the grocery shelf, branching out into unfa


Why Some People Add Salt To Their Coffee

There’s a long-standing practice some people swear improves their coffee: putting salt in it. They claim it will cut the bitterness of coffee and it also smooths out the ‘stale’ taste of tank-stored water.


Jon Bon Jovi`s Wine Named Best Rosé Of The Year By Wine Spectator

Picture it: A man rushes up to one Jon Bon Jovi and whispers some news in his ear.


Can you distill vodka from honey?

Vodka, we’re told, is flavorless. It’s wheat, rice, potatoes, corn, rye, sorghum, or any number of other plant rich in starch or sugar, which is distilled into alcohol.


How to make a decent cup of coffee when you’re out of filters

As chemically dependent as I am on coffee, I invariably run out of filters a couple times a year. Surely I have another box in the pantry, I pray, only to feel my heart sink down to my toes when at 6 a.m. I realize, nope.


Would you buy a bottle of lab-grown whiskey?

Back in June, we checked in on some of the distilleries and bars experimenting with sound-aged or pressure-aged whiskey. To that, Endless West would like to say, “Pffft.” (We are not saying pfft, Cleveland Whiskey is good stuff.)

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