Prepare To Sob Into Your Espresso: Coffee Prices Are Going Up

The man in the above photo is a model. It’s staged. To get that photo, I put “coffee” and “sad” into Getty Images, and voila: Sad Coffee Guy.


Beer Of The Week: Dogfish Head Suddenly Comfy Is Apple Cobbler In A Glass

Fall is the best beer-drinking season, hands down. Summer is when beer sales are highest, but for my money, I’ll take fall’s brown and amber ales, porters, and even pumpkin beers any day. After a


Red Bull to pay Canadians who did not receive wings after drinking it

You know the slogan: “Red Bull. It gives you wings!” A majority of people read it as a clever bit of branding, one indicating the energy drink’s high caffeine content, and leave it at that. But where there’s a slogan with wiggle room, a class-action lawsuit is rarely far behind, and so Red Bull will now be paying anybody in Canada who felt misled by that slogan and would like to make about $10 as compensation for their disappointment.


Budweiser U.k.?s Pride Campaign Raises Flags, And Not Just Rainbow Ones

Now that it?s Pride Month, and there?s money to be made from the LGBTQ community?s June-long celebration of itself, its history, and the many struggles and countless losses it?s endured to earn that c


Costco Receipt-checking Protocol Fails To Nab Man Stealing 24 Bottles Of Hennessy

Maybe those weird airport self-help books were right. Maybe the key to achieving anything in life is confidence, swagger, acting like you know what you?re doing, faking it ?till you make it, etc. It w


Carlsberg Hopes To Turnaround Company By Admitting Its Beer Sucks

Since 1973, the Danish mainstay Carlsberg has referred to itself publicly as ?probably the best beer in the world.? If you?ve happened to come across that slogan in more recent years, and found yourse


Do You Smell What The Rock Is Distilling? (it’s Tequila)

Call him Dwayne ?Ciroc? Johnson, because the once and eternal People?s Champion is getting into the celebrity booze business.


Woman Finds Creepy Religious Notes Inside 24-pack Of Pepsi

Leticia Adams of Muskegon, Michigan found the Word Of God in a giant-ass 24-pack of Pepsi last week.


Coca-cola Spill Floods El Paso Neighborhood

This is the stuff of sticky nightmares: KFOX14 reports that a few blocks of a lower valley neighborhood in El Paso, Texas were flooded with Coca-Cola after a major spill from a nearby vending company


How much head should a beer have?

Spend any time looking at beer-focused Instagram accounts and eventually you’ll come across strange glassware; not pint glasses or tulips or glass steins, but vessels that look more like vases or fish bowls. They’re often filled by a so-called “boss pour,” a phenomenon that’s also sometimes called an iceman pour, in which the vessel is full entirely to the brim. It’s relatively new and—to purists—perplexing development.

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