Martin Moran: It?s Murder Finding Wines Free From Animal Products

There?s something about bacon. Many a former meat-eater has been tempted back to the dark side by the mere smell of the stuff sizzling. Curiously, it?s an aroma that occasionally pops up in wine...


Glenfiddich Whisky And And Hendrick?s Gin Family Sipping Pretty At Top Of Scottish Rich List

The billionaire whisky family behind Glenfiddich and Hendrick?s gin have been named Scotland?s richest for the sixth year in a row. Rising profits for William Grant & Sons mean that Glenn...


South Koreans Can Continue To Enjoy A Dram

Scotch whisky has been granted enhanced legal protection in South Korea. The drink?s legal status there is at present covered by the free trade agreement with the European Union. With Brexit...


Juniper Takes Root For Home?grown Gin

The success of artisanal gin means the juniper berry could be making a comeback in England. Craft distillers have begun growing their own juniper, which gives the liquor its signature taste and smell.


Inside The High-tech World Of Cheap Replica Wines Made In A Laboratory

Michel Roux Jr is not in agreement with the two sommeliers at the table. They?re all perching on a humongous leather sofa in a photo studio in northwest London. Each has before them two glasses.


Taste Test: The Best Alcohol-free And Low-alcohol Beers

?Do you think I am safe to drive?? I asked Becky Kean as I left her brewery after testing 18 different beers. ?I should think so,? she said casually. I am a cautious, even timid, driver. So I would...


News In Pictures: Monday April 15, 2019

EUAN CHERRY/WENNPuffins return from wintering in the Atlantic Ocean to the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth displaying their bright summer colours. Here they find their long-term partners to breed, b


Wadworth?s Victory In Game Of Thrones Trademark Battle

The battle faced by a family-owned brewery does not match the Queen of Westeros?s war against Daenerys Targaryen, but victory tastes just as sweet. The beermaker Wadworth, founded in Wiltshire in...


Expert Guide To The Best Wine Holidays, From Bordeaux To Chile

Peter recommends Casablanca Valley, Chile This 12-mile sliver of blustery, bright hillside and plains between Casablanca town and the Pacific coast offers some of Chile?s best wine country. It?s...


?no Free Ride? For James Cracknell In Boat Race

On the banks of the River Thames in Putney, where Cambridge and Oxford will set off tomorrow in the 165th edition of the Boat Race, passing joggers turned their heads as James Cracknell stood...

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