Coronavirus Might Do To Restaurants What Prohibition Did To Drinks

America’s drinking culture took eight decades to recover after being shut down


The Physics Of Fizz

Think of the last time you had something to celebrate. If you toasted the happy occasion, your drink was probably alcoholic — and bubbly. Have you ever wondered why it’s so enjoyable to imbibe a glass of something that sets off a series of micro-explosions in your mouth?

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The Death Of A Tiny Fish In The Desert

In 2016, a controversial killing in Nevada sent a man to prison. The victim? An inch-long Devils Hole pupfish.


Why you should be drinking coffee cocktails

Coffee cocktails aren’t new. Splashes of whiskey have been turning after-dinner coffees Irish for years — but a perfect storm’s been brewing and just brought this stone-cold drink trend to new heights.


Road-tripping In Southwestern Australia

Live a little!


This Is The Strongest Coffee In The World — And It Could Kill You

Black Insomnia Coffee ($40 per pound) isn't here to tickle your taste buds with notes of cacao and dark berries. The folks at Black Insomnia "know their job — they are here to get you caffeinated an


Archaeologists find 2400 year old mosaic of a skeleton drinking wine

A delightful 2,400-year-old mosaic discovered in southern Turkey might very well be the original YOLO.


Archaeologists discover world’s oldest tea buried with Chinese emperor

There's now evidence that Chinese royals have been sipping on tea since the middle of the second century. Archaeologists' recent excavation of the tomb of Han Dynasty Emperor Jing Di, who died in 141


The science of drinking too much wine

There is a standard serving size for a glass of wine in the U.S.: 5 ounces. Not that anyone is counting.


6500 Year old popcorn and 5 other foods with ancient origins

It turns out that humans have been munching on everyone’s favorite movie-time snack, popcorn, for much longer than previously thought.

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