‘horseless Carriages’ To Take Over Springer Market Square Friday

More than 60 pieces of automotive history are rolling around the Kingston region this week.Five dozen ?horseless carriages? have converged on Kingston for a gathering of Brass Era autom?


Wine Guy: Cider Keeps Blooming

James Nevision offers up some crisp, chilled craft ciders to pair with the trees and plants in bloom

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New Festival Offers City A Taste Of Wine World

When diners ask him to recommend a red wine, restaurateur Clark Day will usually pour them a sample, but won?t tell them what it is.When they nod and say they like it, they?re surprised?


Cold Winter Shouldn’t Wreck Wine Crop

Local wine lovers can relax.Frigid temperatures in January that had wineries fearing a repeat of the 2014 bud-killing disaster didn?t do as much damage as expected.?It?s not going?

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Ottawa Wine And Food Festival Leaves Bitter Taste With Suppliers Over Unpaid Bills

Beside a wall of his Gatineau warehouse, J.R. Chardon keeps more than 9,000 wine glasses.Neatly boxed and stacked, the glasses are the property of the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival. But Chardon has…


Anthony Gismondi: Inexpensive Wines With Real Value

A sector of the B.C. wine market that is fast disappearing is inexpensive wines that offer real value and are widely available.


Salut: B.c. Produce Headlines Forward Thinking, Delicious Menus

A veg-forward diet can be delicious, especially at this time of year, when local markets are bursting with fantastic B.C. produce.


B.c. Wine Producers Poised To Make Wine That Matters

B.C. is sporting its strongest roster of winemakers I can remember, and that kind of experience and confidence is what is transforming our wines at a pace that is almost hard to comprehend.


Hotel Intel: Stanbridge East’s Le Old Mill Showcases Townships Terroir

The picturesque inn occupies an old manor that was stripped down to the studs and now has a rustic-cool look.


Country Hit Maker Thomas Rhett To Play Budweiser Gardens

One of country music?s most acclaimed contemporary songwriters will make a stop in London in April.Thomas Rhett, whose first three albums produced 11 singles that topped the charts, will be a…

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