The Civet Cat – who knew its digestive tract could be so culinary?


The wind blows the blossoms in the garden. The monk breathes in.


“Wine? I don’t drink wine.”


Beer geeks everywhere are going to love the Happy Hour Bottle Opening Watch. For starters, it’s rugged and handsome. The band is smooth calf leather with snaps, the face features nickel plated hands with mineral crystal cover and applied indices, and the case is brushed stainless steel with etched “happy hour” back and stainless crown. The best part? The patented bottle opening-buckle. Stainless steel, beer-resistant, and built to last, it’ll pop the top off your bottle with nothing more than a flick of the wrist.


Just looking at this should make you want one of your very own, but in case you’re a little on the slow side, let us tell you exactly why this is the freaking best decanter ever made. Two words: Crystal. Skull. You know who loves crystal skulls? Like, everyone. Pirates love drinking their rum out of them. Mayan history enthusiasts love them. Time traveling people love them. Even Nancy Drew had an adventure with a crystal skull.


Love potions have been around for ages. Ever since the first person was told, “Let’s just be friends,” people have been searching for a magical elixir to sway the mood of the uninterested.


Two little shot glasses. Squish them up and shove them in a pocket, your purse, your man sack, your laptop case, anywhere you can squeeze ’em in. And then you’ll never be without a shot glass, especially when you most need one.


Wearing your three piece monkey suit? Dressed like a penguin in your tails? Is an open bar in your future? Be the life of the party when you reveal that your shiny cufflinks double as bottle openers. Best groomsmen or soon to be husband gift ever.

There’s one thing about human society that we’ve gotten right. Whenever people are forced to dress up in outfits requiring cufflinks, there is usually an open bar later that evening. It’s like a light at the end of the awkward and uncomfortable tunnel. You may have to watch your sister marry a total buttmunch and grin as your grandma regales you with tales of her goiter, but you know that as soon as the organist plays “There Goes The Bride,” you can get your drink on with your fellow groomsmen and forget it all.


When you’re done fighting the Locusts and you need a cold brew…

We imagine that Marcus Fenix and friends enjoy a cold one whenever the opportunity presents itself. It’s a bit difficult when you’re trying to take down the Locust Horde and ducking behind a slab of concrete, a pile of scrap metal, a towering column, or even a burned-out car. But working hard means that once the job is done, extensive partying will happen with the surviving Gears!


Open beer and wine… avoid the double entendre.

Everyone needs a big screw now and then. However, sometimes you need a Big Screw to get a big screw… like with this Big Screw bottle opener. open beer When you’re on a date looking out for a big screw and are suddenly faced with the need to open a bottle of wine to set the mood you’ll have your own Big Screw handy to get the job done. Or maybe you’re out galavanting with the lads and ladies and no one seems to have a beer bottle opener handy. Whip out your Big Screw bottle opener and… problem solved.

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