This is a pretty interesting wine rack made up of two symmetrical bent aluminum structures. It has a 12-bottle capacity to hold all of your fine wines. The units are modular so you can snap multiple units together.


A stylish way to transport wine to parties. It’s insulated which is great for keeping white wine and champagne chilled ready to drink on arrival.


When you can’t make it all the way to the bottom of a wine bottle, who better to guard the remains, but a Genie in a Bottle! Yes that’s right, this ultra cool silicone rubber bottle stopper is shaped just like a mythical, all-powerful, wish granting genie in a bottle. Hmm. I wish I had more wine.


f you want to quickly chill down water, wine, margaritas, martinis, sake or juice, the cool new Glass Carafe With Ice Compartment ($60) is the perfect solution. This stylish glass carafe holds 19 oz of your favorite beverage and features a built-in ice compartment on the side to keep it ice cold without watering it down. Very innovative and unique design.


Get yourself some fun ice cubes for your next pirate themed party or to keep around until Halloween. Great fun! Show your friends who the Captain really is. Made from food-safe synthetic rubber.


Bottle ‘Biner Carabiner clip features a corkscrew closure and bottle-opener side. Clip it to your bag to keep it handy. Great idea for travellers or backpackers.


This HOT LIPS foil cutter removes the strongest plastic or foil seals in seconds. It’s magnetic and sexy!

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