Say goodbye to the long walks back to the fridge during a BBQ or the wet mess left by melting ice in your Rubbermaid.


What does a $4,000 bottle of tequila taste like?


Namibia’s dynamic culture may be modernizing but the country still has one foot in its ancient past.


Former pilot, sick of bad airplane joe, opens shop to peddle the good stuff.


Move over, Big Vodka: Craft distillers have already taken their shot at gin and bourbon, and now they’re moving in on vodka’s turf.


Uber may be trying some unusual ways to protect its drivers from drunk passengers.


Police arrested two teens and a 43-year-old man after they were caught allegedly stealing empty beer kegs — that they believed to be full — from a Northern New Jersey restaurant.


Uganda be kidding me.


The manufacturer hopes the 100% green tea, no-nicotine cigarettes can be used to quit smoking


If you love wine but don’t have endless cash to spare, choosing a bottle can be tricky.

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