Together they built a business worth tens of millions, with 23 restaurants and thousands of fans.


Fifteen plus hours on a plane is a lot of time to kill and, as great as the in-flight entertainment is, sometimes you need something more exciting to do to pass the time. So why not pack your very own mini bar kit  — with an emphasis on mini — and mix up some of your favourite cocktails mid-flight?


The beauty of carne asada is that braaied steak sliced thinly goes a long way. Traditionally served with guacamole and salsa, it’s a perfect party dish.


Your next glass of red wine could be aged in a metal or even plastic container using “wood in liquid form”‚ and you may not even know the difference.


Caffeine and napping have something in common. Both make you feel alert and can enhance your performance, whether that’s driving, working or studying.


When you taste a wine made by a female winemaker (Rianie Strydom) as good as this one, you wonder why XY chromosomes dominate the South African cellar.


The first braai broodjie was probably born out of what was available in the fridge: bread, cheese, sliced tomato, onion, and Mrs Ball’s chutney. Nonetheless it was an ingenious invention.


If you enjoy your wine, the French cultivar of Cinsaut may ring a bell. In 1925, Stellenbosch viticulturist Professor Abraham Izak Perold crossbred Cinsaut, also known as Hermitage, with Pinot Noir to produce the much-loved Pinotage.


Farmers faced with water scarcity, loss of soil and deteriorating seed quality have a new weapon – five students who are the first in the country to do a Master’s degree in sustainable agriculture.


Organisers of France’s most celebrated charity wine auction said Sunday that €480,000 of the €11 million ($11.8 million) raised this year would go to charity, including to victims of the Paris attacks.

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