It’s Risky To Make Vino With Wild Yeast, But Sa Winemakers Reckon It?s Worth It

Fermentation is the foundation of winemaking. While commercially produced yeasts are stable and predictable, wild yeasts are quite the opposite


Stellenbosch Wine Farmer Embroiled In Land Invasion Wrangle Shot Dead

A 62-year-old wine farmer whose property was at the centre of a land-grab conflict that made international headlines was shot and killed in front of his wife by four armed suspects on Sunday evening.


Winelands Exhibit Shows How A Drink Links Sa, St Helena & Napoleon

The Wine of Exile exhibition at Groot Constantia describes how the erstwhile French emperor consoled himself with their sweet Cape wine


Get Ready For A Day Of Dignified Debauchery At Noble Vice

Cape Town?s beloved boutique food and wine festival is coming to Gauteng


Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery Is Ideal For Big Family Outings

Kit Heathcock heads to Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch to check out the latest food offering from chef PJ Vadas of Hoghouse fame


How To Craft Your Own Cocktails On A Plane

Fifteen plus hours on a plane is a lot of time to kill and, as great as the in-flight entertainment is, sometimes you need something more exciting to do to pass the time. So why not pack your very own mini bar kit  — with an emphasis on mini — and mix up some of your favourite cocktails mid-flight?


Pepsi Withdraws Lawsuits Against Indian Potato Farmers

PepsiCo Inc said on Thursday it will withdraw its lawsuits against a number of Indian potato farmers accused of infringing its patent.


Surprisingly Wine Isn’t Automatically A Vegan-friendly Sip. Here’s Why

For a product made of little more than grape juice, it surprises many wine-drinkers to discover that their favourite tipple isn?t always a vegan-friendly product.


The Rum Party Wants Your Vote

Whistler Rum, one of the biggest rum distilleries in SA, is poking fun at politics and asking you to vote (again)



The wedding season has been LIT in Mzansi!

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