“thin Or Heavy, Every Pregnant Body Is Different”: Teejay Sidhu Opens Up On Skinny Shaming During Pregnancy

While the mother to be is doing her part to stay healthy, she has now opened up about the judgment and criticism she and many women like her go throug


Coronavirus Vaccines: 3 Factors That Will Decide The Cost Of The Vaccine

Most pharma companies, right now, have promised to sell their vaccines as per pandemic pricing, or make it affordable for developing and low-economica


Coronavirus: These Five Mask Mistakes Are Putting You At Risk Of Contracting Covid-19

The problem is that while people do understand that wearing a mask has become the necessary safety gear during the pandemic, not a lot of people got the memo that it has to be worn in a way that it co


Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies Among Indians

That's why it is advised to maintain a well-balanced and healthy diet. Carbs, fat and protein are macronutrients, which constitute the largest part of the meal and are required by our body in ample am


Tamannaah Bhatia’s Yellow Sari Look Is Alluring

Tamannaah is always dressed to the nines, and we are currently crushing on her latest sari look.


Not A Single Day Has Gone By When I Am Not Fat-shamed, Claims Plus-size Model Neha Parulkar

When India hosted its very first plus-size fashion show, Neha Parulkar strutted down the runway with full poise and confidence. Now, a plus-size model


Having Ghee With Water Can Ease Constipation. Here’s How

From making you feel uneasy to giving you a stomach ache, constipation can be a real problem.


Why Kangana Ranaut’s Statement On Mental Illnesses Is A Step Back In The Fight Against Mental Health Stigma

The absolutely bizarre claims and unscientific statements by popular celebrities like Kangana Ranaut about mental health conditions need our attention

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Morning Vs. Evening: What’s A Better Time To Exercise To Lose Weight?

But sometimes even small things can make a great difference like your sleeping routine or the time you are exercising.


Here’s Why You Need To Date Someone With A Female Sibling

The more people keep dating, the more they understand that it's not rocket science. If done properly, it can bring happiness and be fruitful. However,

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