5 Symptoms Of Pre-diabetes That Must Not Be Ignored

Pre-diabetes refers to a condition in which the normal blood sugar level neither falls in the ?diabetic category? nor in the ?normal category?. A normal person?s fasting blood sugar reading is less th


Types Of Conversations We Have All Had With Our Parents During Lockdown

With the lockdown in place, you house too might have converted into a BiggBoss house with you doing the tasks and one person instructing you. Being quarantined with your family might seem a great bond


Should You Use A Small Spoon Or A Big Spoon To Avoid Overeating?

There might be spoons of all shapes and sizes available in your kitchen. You probably might not discriminate amongst them and pick randomly while layi


How It Feels Like To Be Pregnant During A Pandemic

I live in constant fear of catching the coronavirus. I fret and panic everytime my husband goes out to buy essentials because I fear he will get the v


Teen Growing Up? Look For These Milestones

It's not puberty or growing height which sets them apart. Just like little babies, teenagers too have developmental milestones which parents should look for.


Here Is How You Can Fight Dullness Through Your Diet

There can also be a number of reasons for chronic fatigue; the feeling of being tired all the time, but the most obvious one of them is that your diet is not nutritious enough to keep you going throug


Quarantine Beauty Video: How To Do A Hair Spa At Home

Giving your hair a nourishing treatment will not only de-stress you but also treat dry and damaged hair. If you're missing your salon visits and regul


Covid-19: Should You Change Your Clothes After Coming From Outside?

While many of you are staying indoors due to the COVID-19, there are times when you need to step out either to purchase groceries or because of a medi


Health Horoscope For April: Here Is All You Need To Know

Our health is of prime importance and perhaps, there is no better time than now to gain some insight and guidance about how our health shall remain.


Ayurveda-tested Immunity Practices To Follow During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Ministry of AYUSH recommend the following practices to help you maintain your health and immunity during the time of the pandemic. These recommendations are supported by the knowledge of Ayurveda

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