Polite Ways To Turn Away Your Workplace Chatterbox While You’re Busy

Working with a lot of people can actually help you socialize better. But it can get a tad bit annoying when one person doesn't stop talking. We've all have had to deal with such chatterboxes who absol


Try These 3 Anti-ageing Korean Beauty Hacks At Home

Well, we researched a little and came across many Korean beauty hacks and tried three of them, and we have to admit, we were surprised at the results


Ananya Panday Shows The Millennial Way To Wear Neon Shades

Bollywood actress Ananya Panday is known for her experimental sartorial choices. The 21-year-old actress made her debut last year and has made quite a


Things That Can Terribly Go Wrong With Your Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers and face masks have become an important part of our new normal lives.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Confesses She’s Never Checked Husband Abhishek Bachchan’s Phone: Is Checking Your Partner’s Phone A Healthy Practice Or Not? We Find Out

A healthy relationship is based on love, respect, trust and faith. All of which when provided from both ends results in a healthy and happy relationship. If you have these main ingredients in your rom


The Dil Bechara Lookbook: Sushant Singh Rajput’s Charm, Sanjani Sanghi’s Simplistic Style And Some Parisian Romance

Like everyone, we too got emotional after seeing the trailer and thought of listing a few points that make the movie so special - from its simplicity to style.


Tea Tree Oil Can Be Used In Your Skincare And Hair Care Regime In These Ways

Tea tree oil is quite a strong essential oil and it is best used with a carrier oil like coconut oil. It is also a popular ingredient used in toners, creams, face masks and body washes that are meant


Coronavirus May Be Hiding In These Everyday Objects In Your Household!

Even if you diligently clean and sanitize high-touch surfaces inside your home, it may be possible that you are missing out on other potentially contaminated sites.


239 Experts With 1 Big Claim: The Coronavirus Is Airborne

The coronavirus is finding new victims worldwide, in bars and restaurants, offices, markets and casinos, giving rise to frightening clusters of infect


Weight Loss Story: “i Lost 21 Kilos Without Going To Gym And By Simply Following Intermittent Fasting!”

Her weight loss journey is a living proof that lifestyle along with a rock-solid determination can contribute to tremendous health benefits. Read on.

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