Pepsi Will Now Pay You To Drink More Soda And Eat More Snacks

Reap the benefits of your snacking habit with a click of a button.


Diet ‘vodka’ Now Exists. Here’s What A Nutritionist Really Thinks

We take a look at how it compares to regular vodka and other alcoholic drinks.


Craig Melvin Visits A Kentucky Distillery To Learn From A Bourbon Legend

TODAY’s Craig Melvin travels to Kentucky distillery Wild Turkey to learn more about the industry of something he loves: bourbon. There, he meets with 83-year-old master distiller Jimmy Russell, and


Almond, Soy, Rice And Flax: Decoding Dairy And Vegan Milks

From soy to almond, peanut to pea, cashew, cow and more, find out the nutritional benefits of various milks on the market.


Malibu Rum Gives Sweet Strawberry Shortcakes A Tropical Kick


$1000 On A Drink? Here Are The Most Over-the-top Cocktails Around The Country

Want to wow your sweetie with a pricey cocktail? These concoctions are sure to impress any lover of specialty drinks.


It’s Ok To Have 3 Or 4 Cups Of Coffee A Day — Here’s Why

Caffeine helps to increase alertness and improve concentration. It also may just help you live longer.


Anheuser-busch Halts Beer Production And Sends Water To Hurricane Harvey Victims

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, a Budweiser plant in Houston, Texas sent over 155,000 cans of emergency drinking water to help victims.


The Sazerac

Poppy Tooker shows us how to perfect this heady drink. Don't neglect to chill the glass before serving — it's an essential component.


How to clean and disinfect your home using vodka

Move over farm-to-table movement, there’s a new trend in town: bar cart-to-bathroom and beyond!

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