Starbucks’ New Spring Menu Has A Lot Of Oat Milk Options

Oat milk lovers, rejoice!


Diet Drinks May Be As Bad For Your Heart As Sugar-sweetened Beverages

Experts advise limiting both types of drinks.


Reese Witherspoon’s Take On An Aperol Spritz Is The Fall Cocktail We Need

The actress gave one of our favorite summer sips a decidedly autumnal spin!


Jocelyn Delk Adams Makes The Best Biscuits Ever With 4 Ingredients — Including 7 Up

This one surprising ingredient makes biscuits incredibly light and flaky.


Al Roker Learns About The True Story Behind Jack Daniels’ Legendary Whiskey

Nathan "Nearest" Green was the first known African American master distiller.


Budweiser Celebrates Bars Reopening By Reuniting Old Mascots

The horse and puppy first became friends in a 2014 commercial called "Puppy Love."


Why The Aperol Spritz Is The Perfect Drink For Summer

Aperol is an Italian aperitif that can perk up any classic cocktail.


Budweiser Debuts New ‘whassup’ Ad With A Surprisingly Emotional Ending

All-star basketball players may just catch you off guard with this timely PSA.

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3 Of The Worst Crimes Against Pizza

Pizza is an extremely controversial subject on the internet. Everyone wants to protect its honour — but everyone has their own opinion on how to do that. Some people put pineapple on it, or pile lettuce on it and call it a salad; others eat it with a fork and knife or even heat it up in the microwave — while some folks won’t stand for this type of behaviour.


Budweiser’s Emotional Super Bowl Commercial Is All About Combatting Stereotypes

Who is a "typical" American, anyway?

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