Jose Cuervo to Release Biodegradable Straws Made From Agave Waste

Jose Cuervo plans to introduce biodegradable straws made from agave fibers left over after tequila-making. In 2020, millions of these straws will be rolled out at bars, restaurants and events across North America as a new way to sip margaritas and the like.


Jose Cuervo Swaps Plastic Straws For Agave Alternatives

The plastic alternative is Jose Cuervo's latest upcycling idea for agave leftovers, which also include a surfboard, a Fender Stratocaster and car parts for the U.S. market.


Bonterra Digs In, Reduces Carbon With Regenerative Farming

We recently interviewed Bonterra Organic Vineyard's regenerative development manager to find out more about the winery's shift to regenerative farming.


Bacardi, Mercy Corps Dive Into Puerto Rico Clean Up Efforts

Restoring life underwater is among the many ways Bacardi and Mercy Corps are helping promote tourism in Puerto Rico.

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