Mine Tales: Jack Daniels Mines Named After Discarded Whiskey Bottle Found On Site

During the mid-20th century, uranium mining and prospecting was common on the Colorado Plateau.


Dog Chew Toy Too Similar To Jack Daniels Whiskey Bottle, Company Tells Supreme Court

Jack Daniels seeks to stop an Arizona company from making and selling a squeaky dog toy that's in the shape of ? and with a label that looks like ?


Try These Refreshing Cool Drinks For Warm Tucson Days

Columnist Robin Mather enjoys a nice cool glass of salted lemonade when the weather gets hot.


Asu Star Remy Martin: Sun Devils ‘definitely Overlooked’ After So-so Start To Season

A Q&A with Arizona State's standout guard ahead of Saturday's Pac-12 opener against No. 25 Arizona in McKale Center.

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3 Questions About Vodka, Answered

Toward the end of Ian Fleming’s spy novel “Dr. No,” James Bond orders a vodka dry martini — “Shaken and not stirred please.”


Red Wine Day And 21 Other Wine-related Celebrations

Aug. 28 is Red Wine Day, one of many wine-related "holidays" through the year.


Key Player: Remy Martin



Stella Artois Is Launching Its First Spritzer Just In Time For Spring

While my favorite type of weather consists of ?I?ll take all the snow, please,? there is precisely one thing I love about warmer days: the drinks. Sure, hot chocolate with


Jose Cuervo Has An All-you-can-drink Tequila Train

You?ve heard of the party bus. Now, it?s time to climb aboard the tequila train. That?s right: Jose Cuervo, which has been making tequila for 250 years, has a luxury


California Wines

Recently the most prevalent question that I have been hearing from my clients is: ?How are the fires in California going to affect the wine industry?? Since this is a

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