Sesame Candy Recipe

A hard candy that won't exactly break any teeth but will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth.


This Guy Took A Bath In A Wendy’s Sink For Some Reason

Not sure that order of fries and a Frosty sounds so good now.


Woman Opens Package Of Sausage, Sees Terrifying Meat Face Staring Back At Her

We've all opened a package of ground meat and found a sentient, clown-like apparition, right? Right?


Inside The Competitive, Cutthroat World Of Making Bojangles Biscuits

I watched employees duke it out at this year’s Bojangles Master Biscuit Maker Competition—and even learned the 48-step process myself.


Mario Batali To Face Assault Charges In Boston

This appears to be the first criminal charge to arise from the series of investigations into the chef's alleged misconduct.


Chilaquiles Verde Recipe

This traditional Mexican breakfast is a great way to use up leftover tortillas and salsa.


Chef Shares Horrifying Video Of Plastic Garbage He Found In A Fish’s Stomach

Despite more than three decades working as a chef, nothing could’ve prepared Ricardo Muñoz Zurita for what he recently found inside a fish.


The Mysteries Of Guy Fieri’s Hair Have Been Revealed

"When I first met him, he had no goatee. He had dark hair. He wore a suit to work every day," his wife Lori recently shared, among other secrets.


Rhode Island Stuffies Recipe

Kind of like clams casino, only a whole lot bigger.


Actually, Wedge Salads Are An Abomination

Down with this vegetal doorstop.

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