There’s A Mike Bloomberg In My Meatballs!

On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese, is... Mike Bloomberg's face in a meatball?


Court Rules That Jägermeister’s Logo Isn’t Offensive To Christians

Before Saint Hubert became an actual saint, he was a circa-7th century son of a duke who had a habit of ditching church so he could go hunting instead. According to his very Catholic origin story, he skipped mass on Good Friday and, while he tracked a stag through the Ardennes forest, the deer stopped, turned around and locked eyes with him.

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Bone Thugs Is Now ‘boneless Thugs-n-harmony’ Because We Have All Lost Our Way

Boneless wings are trash but that's neither here nor there.


A Deep Dive Into The Intense World Of The R/mealprepsunday Subreddit

At first, I was horrified to see people making 30 burritos in one day?but then I realized just how wholesome this community is.


German Chocolate Cake Recipe

Moist, chocolatey, and sweet...basically the perfect cake.


Belgian Researchers Are Using Insect Fat In Baked Goods

Most study participants who tried desserts made with larvae fat weren't put off by the flavor, texture, or appearance.


Firefighters Called To Save 420-gallon Bottle Of Red Wine

In late January, six firefighters in the Austrian town of Lustenau were dispatched to the restaurant Engel Wang Fu.


Welcome To Neo New York, Where Everything Feels Old School But Isn’t

From retro slice shops to the Safdie Brothers, the greatest city in the world is becoming homesick for itself.

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The Brands Have Finally Won: I Absolutely Must Have The Kfc Crocs

To our great dismay, the Kentucky Fried Chicken x Crocs collab is actually fire.


Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Bulk up for winter with these tasty guys.

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