The Best Beers In America, According To Homebrewers (2018)

Bell's Brewery claims the No. 1 spot for best beer and best brewery in 2018. Find out who else made the list for this year's best craft beers, according to members of the American Homebrewers Associat


Making The Case For Age-worthy Sauvignon Blanc. Yes, Sauvignon Blanc.

Some international vintners are aging Sauvignon Blanc as you might Chardonnay and Riesling. Find out more about the wines giving this variety a new life!


The Ultimate Guide To Pairing Beer With Bbq (infographic)

We hand-picked the best beers to pair with barbecue dishes, from pulled pork sandwiches to saucy ribs to meltingly tender brisket, and charted them in a graphic. Get our visual guide here!


Bubbly, Bone-dry Brut Ipas Are Suddenly All Anyone Can Talk About

?There?s no mistaking that we are living in the heyday of IPA,? Dick Cantwell, brewer and author of ?Brewing Eclectic IPA: Pushing the Boundaries of India Pale Ale,? says. He?s absolutely correct. The


These Boozy Push Pops Have More Alcohol Than A Glass Of Wine

Buzz Pop Cocktails want you to ?lick your way to paradise.? The boozy but "healthy" pops pack more alcohol than a glass of wine.


Russia And The U.k. Are Running Out Of Beer Because Of The World Cup

A World Cup-fueled boon for beer sales is not faring well for thirsty drinkers in Russia and the U.K. Both countries are running out of beer, according to reports.


The Art Of Repeal: Exploring America’s Post-prohibition Beer Labels

American breweries were ready to supply drinkers with beer as soon as Prohibition was repealed. Explore 12 of the earliest post-Prohibition beer labels to see what newly legal American beer in the mid


7 Of The Best Canned Cocktails For Summer 2018, Ranked

Cocktail revolution, meet can revolution. From gin and tonics to a mean Bloody Mary, these are the best canned cocktails to drink this summer. Get our list here!


Gin And Tonic Sorbet Is The Latest Must-try Boozy Summer Snack

UK supermarket Sainsbury?s just released a ?fruity & refreshing Gin & Tonic sorbet. The 2.1 percent ABV boozy snack contains just 66 calories per scoop.


Ryanair Wants To Ban Morning Drinking In Airports

Budget Irish airline Ryanair wants to ban morning drinking in airports, after a recent flight was forced to make an unscheduled stop because of disorderly passengers causing a ?drink-fuelled disturban

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