How Jimmy Buffet Accidentally Charted A Course From Margaritaville To Corona To Landshark Lager

Jimmy Buffet, accidental beer maven, turned Corona into America's top import and created arguably the first celebrity beer, Landshark Lager. Explore his story, and where he will wash ashore next.


Get Hooked On Homebrewing With These Three Easy Beer Styles

Homebrewing for the first time is exciting and challenging. Here are three go-to recipes from an award-winning homebrewer to get you started.


Why Do Italians Insist On Making Wines In The Most Difficult Places?

To some extent, growing grapes and making wine anywhere is an act of faith: that nature will smile upon you, and so too will the wine-drinking public, which each year has a wider and wider variety of


Notre-dame Fire: Lvmh And Latour Owners Pledge 300 Million Euros

The owners of some of France?s most famous wine brands have pledged a combined 300 million euros to help repair the damage caused by the Notre-Dame fire.


Study Reveals Bartenders? 13 Most-recommended Spirits Brands

A recent study conducted by digital research agency MetrixLab reveals bartenders? most-recommended spirits brands. See if your favorite is in the mix.


Why Is The Wine Industry Ignoring Black Americans’ $1.2 Trillion Buying Power?

While certain spirits brands like Hennesy and Ciroc recognize the buying power of black Americans, the wine industry is largely ignoring black consumers, according to many in the business. Read Nneka


We Asked 16 Beer Pros: What’s The Most Unforgettable Beer You Ever Had?

The most memorable beers aren't necessarily the best, according to industry pros from Dogfish Head, Other Half, Jack's Abby, the Brewers Association, and the wide world of Instagram. Read their explan


Guinness Becomes Latest Beer Brand To Ditch Plastic Packaging

Diageo, the world’s largest spirits company and owner of Guinness, has announced plans to remove plastic from its beer packaging. In doing so, the British drinks company becomes the latest beverage brand to ditch plastic and move towards using only sustainable packaging.


Japanese Distillers Are Using Local Botanicals To Produce Some Of The World?s Most Exciting Gins

The category is less than three years old and still emerging, but for spirits enthusiasts, Japanese gin offers much to be excited about.


The Essential Chilean Wine Country Guide

Visit Chilean wine country, a stretch of land that spans more than 2600 miles. We?ve crafted a four day trip to give you a taste of all things Chile wine.

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