Olympic Athlete Swims 25 Meters With Full Beer Glass Balanced On Head

As TikTok challenges go, this is one of the more impressive feats we?ve witnessed while trying to escape the boredom of quarantine life.


Every Table Needs A Wine Bottle Coaster

Protect your dining table from wine drips with these handmade, ceramic wine bottle coasters. See our picks for the best wine bottle coasters now!


4 Ways To Bring Your Cocktail Party Outside

Summer weather calls for outdoor drinking and it's the perfect time to up your cocktail game with a warm-weather beverage refresh.


Scotch Whisky Salvaged From 80-year-old Shipwreck Up For Auction

A bottle of Scotch salvaged from the 1941 wreck of the SS Politician is currently up for auction and is expected to be sold for upwards of $20,000.


Never Drink Warm Beer With These Chillable Pint Glasses

These glasses are the easiest way to keep your beer cold on a hot afternoon. See the pints now and never drink warm beer again.


The British Toast That’s The Equivalent Of Saying, ‘it’s Five O’clock Somewhere’

Across the pond, there exists a cheeky, albeit colonialist equivalent to ?It?s five o?clock somewhere,? used to shake off judgement for day drinking.


This Flask Also Holds Your Favorite Cigar

If you enjoy the finer things in life, you need this flask. This flask is the sleekest way to pair your favorite spirit and cigar. See the flask now!


Ask Adam: What’s The Opposite Of Dry Gin?

It is more than likely that the gin you?re drinking is one that?s made in the London Dry style. These gins often feature juniper and citrus.


Understanding The Art And Science Of Aging Cheese

The idea of aging cheese carries serious mystique for some enthusiasts, largely thanks to cheese?s proximity to wine.


This Glass Will Keep Your Cocktails Cold Outside All Summer Long

If you're enjoying cocktails outside, you need a glass that can keep it cold! These Cooler Than Cool tumblers are the best way to drink cocktails outside.

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