8 Big, Buttery Chardonnays That Are Actually Good

Trends come and go, but careful oak aging can impart timeless, beautifully balanced flavors to Chardonnay. Here are eight of our favorites from Australia, California, and Burgundy.


We Asked 10 Brewers: What’s The Most Underrated Brewery?

Opinions of those in an industry often differ from those populating its message boards and social media channels. That?s why we asked 10 brewers to share their expertise.


Wine-finished Whiskeys Have Custom Flavors And Old-fashioned Appeal

Everything you need to know about cask-finishing, a new aging process that's quietly revolutionized the whiskey category over the past two decades.


Reyka Vodka Opens ?world?s First? Glacier Bar In Iceland

How far would you go for a free cocktail? For some, the answer is the top of a glacier in Iceland...


Dogfish Head’s Seaquench Ale Is Now A Shoe

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery teamed up with sneaker brand Merrell to create a SeaQuench-inspired shoe. The sneaker is made with recycled materials.


7 Questions About Vermouth You’re Too Embarrassed To Ask

Originally created for medicinal purposes, vermouth has a long history and broad footprint. Everyone from the Romans to the ancient Greeks has crafted their own version.


Scottish Distillery Debuts Brussels-sprout-flavored Gin

Pickering's Gin of Edinburgh, Scotland announced an unusual flavor in its annual holiday gift pack: Brussels sprouts. At least, it's for a good cause.


Nine Of The World’s Most Beautiful Wine And Spirits Bottles

While all that glitters certainly isn?t gold, there is something to be said for creative packaging. From all-American bourbon to historic Champagnes, check out nine of the world's most beautiful bottl


Australian Wine 101: The Lowdown On Wine Down Under

Here is a breakdown on seven of the most prominent grapes grown across Australia and what to expect when uncorking your next bottle!


Historic French Absinthe Receives Protected Status

After a 15-year battle, the European Union (EU) has granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status to Absinthe de Pontarlier.

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