Makers Of Jack Daniel’s Give Up Whiskey Secrets

Jack Daniel's whiskey is known around the world, but despite its popularity, the alcoholic beverage is produced in one small town — Lynchburg, Tennessee. VOA reporter Lesia Bakalets went to the Jack


South Africa Cannabis Ruling Leads To Pot-themed Products

Advocates say the product potential is huge for the South African market after the landmark ruling decriminalizing cannabis


Soaring Agave Prices Give Mexican Tequila Makers A Headache

In western state of Jalisco, worsening shortage of agave caused by mounting demand for the liquor from New York to Tokyo has many producers worried


California Vintners Inspect Grapes, Check Buildings After Wildfires

At least five wineries belonging to members have had 'complete losses' in facilities, with another nine reporting some damage, according to Napa Valley Vintners trade association


South African Craft Brewers Share Their Secrets

Artisanal beers explore the herbs of the South African veldt


New ‘Wonder’ Variety Has South Africa Breweries Hopping

There’s increasing excitement in South Africa’s burgeoning craft beer sector about a new hop developed over the past 15 years by South African Breweries [SAB] on its farms in the Southern Cape region,


Church Wine Runs Low in Latest Venezuelan Shortage

With no miracle in sight, Roman Catholic churches are being asked to ration wine in the latest shortage to illustrate Venezuela’s economic troubles.

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