Pickle Flavor Ice Pops Are Now A Thing And They’re Getting Rave Reviews On Amazon

While pickles aren't for everyone, some people just love a bitter, tangy taste more than anything else. And if you're someone who would go so far to enjoy something called a pickleback - a shot of whi


New Study Reveals That Drinking Just One Energy Drink Narrows Blood Vessels In 90 Minutes

With an all-nighter on the horizon and the idea of brewing a coffee too much to handle at that particular point, many of my university days were spent with a six-pack (or more) of Red Bull by my side.


Research Reveals That You’re Better At Speaking Foreign Languages After A Few Drinks

Learning a new language is an extremely difficult thing, or at least it always was for me. This is coming from someone who tried and gave up several times while attempting to learn a second language,

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