In 2014, Louis Roederer launched its inaugural zero dosage vintage cuvée – Louis Roederer Brut Nature 2006. Wine geeks rejoiced; it was an opportunity to experience vintage Champagne in its purest form. No reserves, no dosage wine from the previous harvest. And most of all, no sugar.


Amateur firefighters are bulldozing their way through the California blazes, but some of the professionals don’t seem too pleased.


Growers and producers are on the alert in California’s wine country as fire rears its head again.


Coca-Cola is getting back into the booze business and unlike 40 years ago, this time the soda giant is playing to its strength.


A continued slump in Champagne sales has been made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Wine producers are being urged to try to seduce the younger generation to avoid a gloomy future. 


If you want to spend your money on whiskey, you need to look to Scotland. 


In honor of International Moscato Day, we find out which wines you’ve been searching for so far this year.


Charles Banks has been a force in the wine industry for the past decade and his company, Terroir Capital, now owns all or part of 11 wineries.


The death of David Bowie this month has predictably sparked mass buying of the musical chameleon’s back catalog, but it has also done wonders for an almost-forgotten wine he had a hand in creating.

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