Defining “classic Wines” (and The Trick To Blind Tasting)

Most of us aren't aware of a slowly-evolving list of "classic wines." Knowing these wines will greatly improve your blind tasting skills.


Comparing French Vs Argentinian Malbec (video)

Grab a glass and learn the differences between old and new world Malbec with Madeline Puckette.


Today We Talk Tannat! (video)

Tannat has some of the highest levels of antioxidants in the world, so why don't more people know about it? Grab a glass and taste the difference between French and Uruguay Tannat.


Decanting Times! A Handy Guide For Best Practices

The simple act pouring wine and allowing it some "air time" actually improves the taste. But, how long should you wait?


Make Your Own Blind Tasting: Cool Vs Warm Climate Wine

Explore the differences between cool and warm climate with this very telling grape variety. Try to figure out what it is in the video!


3 Great Reasons To Drink Wines Made With Organic Grapes

They look and taste the same as conventional wines, but they're better for the earth (and us!) Here are 3 reasons to drink wines made with organic grapes.


Vinho Verde: The Perfect Poolside Wine From Portugal

When you dig into Vinho Verde wine, you realize this seemingly cheap, fizzy wine is something truly special. Lets learn about Portugal's "green wine."


Wine Folly’s Big 2019 Announcement!

We're delighted to announce we're in the process of merging with another company. Find out what this means for you and the wine world.


A Personal Note From Our Co-founder, Madeline Puckette (that’s Me!)

Crazy ideas are crazy until they work. Thank you for being passionate, insightful, irritated, helpful, joyous, knowledgeable, and all-around lovely group of people.


Oregon Vs Burgundy Pinot Noir (video Taste Test)

An "easy" blind tasting turns out to be harder than we expected. Learn more about the real differences between new and old world Pinot Noir.

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