What Is Residual Sugar In Wine?

Lets define residual sugar in wine and what to expect in different types of wine. Many wines listed as "dry" actually have some residual sugar content.


Cheap Vs Expensive Wine Taste Test ($7 Vs $75)

What are the real differences between a $7 wine and a $75 wine? This cheap vs expensive wine taste test delivers some sweet berry knowledge that's going to change how you shop.


Why Is Wine So Expensive?

Is expensive wine better? To figure this out, lets take a look at what it costs to make a bottle of wine – from the grapes to the cost of a bottle.


Wine Blending

We can learn more about wine blends by looking at several classic regions that specialize in wine blending. It also explains why some grapes aren't blended.


Six Rare Red Wine Grapes You Deserve To Know About

If you tasted a new wine variety each week, it would take you 40 years to try them all. Here are 6 rare red wine grapes that you deserve to know about.


Grocery Store Wine Showdown (cabernet Under $20)

Wine Somm, Madeline Puckette, analyzes grocery store Cabernet under $20. The question is, are these wines actually good? Or, should we be afraid?


Champagne Vs. Cava (how To Save Money & Drink Better)

Taste the difference between Champagne vs Cava. You can use these clues to find great quality sparkling wines made around the world (and for better prices!)


Winemaking From Start To Finish (told In Pictures)

What is winemaking really like? So, lets see the actual process of winemaking from start to finish.


Learn To Taste By Taking Better Wine Tasting Notes

Improve your ability to write wine tasting notes with a simple process. The 4 steps are look, smell, taste, and think. Here's what to do.


Wine Retail Rant (why Grocery Store Wines Are Rigged)

Wine retail in the US is a tricky business that ultimately gouges the wine consumer and the winery. Here's what we can do about it.

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