Smitten with Cinsault and Sangiovese

Well, it’s been a while! So without further ado, let me rave about two reds that I can’t keep my mitts off. Like many wine lovers, I’ve found myself drinking more red wine during the


Wines for stormy weather

As I’m writing this, my cat is hiding under the bed and rain is smashing down from the heavens. Cape Town is in the midst of a glorious storm and I’m just about ready to enjoy a glass of r

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In search of the elusive hangover cure

“One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters… But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.” ― Charles Baudelaire, circa


Red wine and chill time

Autumn is the perfect time to ease into red wine mode. I don’t know if it’s the cooler evenings, becoming a domesticated 30 something or indulging my love for pyjamas, but few things can b


Three easy drinking wines to get you through the week

When I was learning German in high school, one of my favourite words was “pech.” I just like the way it sounds, although the meaning is not as appealing (it translates as bad luck). In fac


Let’s fight the flames

Simonsberg fire damage. A terrible sight to behold. (Photo courtesy of Simonsberg Trails)   In the past couple of weeks many of the Cape’s finest wine growing regions have been plagued by


Relax with two faithful favourites

Yikes! One month of no blog posts makes the Wine Hoover a very dull blogger. After a few weeks of overflowing inboxes and moving house, there is only one thing to do: review two much-loved wines that


Drink Waverley Hills SMV, save the planet

Wolseley is not an area that I’ve ever associated with much, apart from having a name that most people can’t spell.


The Alphabetical: A rebel of a red blend

Steal a traffic cone! Go skinny dipping! Take all that hotel soap, and the shower cap too, dammit! Ah, we all have an inner-rebel waiting to break out. The Alphabetical is a renegade of a wine and it&


Dear red wine: I love you

Ever notice how we mutter about the weather being so wet and cold in Winter? Ja well, that’s because it is Winter, so it really should be no surprise. As I’m writing this, I’m wrappe

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