There’s No Better Time To Organize Your Wine

No matter the size, your home wine collection deserves thoughtful care and organization. Use these tips to keep things in order and accessible.


An Easy-drinking, Low-proof Daiquiri Recipe

Manzanilla Sherry takes the place of rum in this lower-alcohol alternative to a full-strength Daiquiri?a "Snaiquiri," if you will.

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These 7 Top-rated Tennessee Whiskeys Prove It’s Not All About Kentucky

Bourbon might hog the spotlight, but these Tennessee whiskeys deserve their own place in your liquor cabinet. Here are seven of the best ones to try.


5 Cocktails To Make With The Weird, Dusty Bottles On Your Shelf

There are some bottles in your home bar that never seem to get used up. We look at five liqueurs, from Drambuie to Galliano, and show you what to make.

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What To Do With All Those Pantry Staples

Unsure of what to cook with those beans, lentils, rice, peanut butter and more? These easy recipes for five pantry staples have you covered.


What We’re Drinking To Keep Spirits Up This Week

In search of warmth, positivity and even a glimmer of hope for the future, a glass of something we love can provide a sense of comfort and normalcy.

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Exploring The Diverse, Terroir-driven Wines Of The American Southwest

The American Southwest is still "up-and-coming" as a major wine region, but it's home to some of America's most successful producers.


Top-rated Wines For $15 And Less To Have Delivered Today

To help in these stressful times, we've scoured our reviews for readily available bottles, all highly rated and $15 or less.


The Differences Between Wine And Whiskey Barrels, Explained

When is a barrel not just a barrel? When you decide if wine or whiskey is going into it. We break down the differences, and how they affect your drink.


The California Wine Industry Adjusts To The New Not-normal

California's wine industry has dealt with fires, floods and now, quarantines. Find out how wineries are coping with the effects of the coronavirus.

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