How To Make The Perfect Shrimp Cocktail From Scratch

Fresh shrimp, white wine and pantry staples is all you need for from-scratch shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce. Here's how to make this easy appetizer.


The Classic Pink Lady Cocktail Recipe

This pre-Prohibition cocktail packs a double-punch of gin and applejack, with a refreshingly tart flavor profile that has endured for more than a century.

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How To Make Boozy Popsicles, According To Science

Ever try to make frozen boozy popsicles? Chances are you ended up with a slushy mess. We break down the science of what it takes to freeze a cocktail.


The Top-selling Wines On Drizly, And How We Rated Them

People are ordering wine online more than ever. We looked at some of the best-selling wines on popular delivery service Drizly, and how they ranked.

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The Red Wine Pasta Dough Recipe

Wine makes everything better, and this recipe is no exception. With just eggs, flour, oil and a splash of red wine, you can make simple pasta dough at home.


Is Vodka Flavorless? Officially, No.

While certain drinkers believe vodka lacks flavor, a new regulation declares otherwise. Read why some are pleased with this development.


Orange Wine Is Trending For All The Right Reasons

Orange wines, a.k.a. skin-contact or amber wines, are perfect for anyone seeking new flavors. Learn how these wines are made and what to start with.


The Socal Wine Country Where Experimentation Reigns Supreme

Still an afterthought to many in the pantheon of California wine, Temecula's grapegrowers and winemakers are carving out a quality niche to call their own.


8 Of Bordeaux’s Best Wines Under $30

Bordeaux is known for its top-tier chateaus and pricey wines, but there are great affordable labels. Here are eight bottles for those on a budget.


The California Iconoclasts Producing Approachable Yet Cellarable Wines

Santa Cruz isn't your typical sunny California beach town. From the mountains to the bay, here's our guide to the best wine spots in Santa Cruz County.

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