Finding Your Voice To Spread Activism In The Wine World

Known as much for her outspoken activism as her love of wine, we asked Marissa A. Ross what inspired her to use her platform for positive change.


“anything Is Possible” Says Winemaker Kate Goodman

Winemaker at both Penley Estate and Nikkal Wines in Australia, tireless and talented Kate Goodman proves that anything is possible.

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First Australians Bring Culture And Ecological Expertise To Winemaking

From the first winery owned by Aboriginal peoples to highlighting First Australian artists, wine is forging meaningful change in Australia.


Are Moldy Corks And Bottles Bad For Wine?

Wine cellars and mold seem to go hand in hand. But are those black spots on your aged Barolo harmful or just adding Old World charm to your collection?

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‘winemaking Is The Best Job In The World,’ Says Matilde Poggi

Mathilde Poggi of Le Fraghe in Bardolino, Italy, has been a winemaker for more than 35 years. Here's how she got started and her advice to young people.


The Best Wine Vintages To Drink In 2020

Trying to decide if a 2013 or 2014 Cab is drinking better? Or which vintage is now at its best for France or California? This is your cheat sheet.

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“drops Of God” Brings Art And Accessibility To Wine

Manga series "Drops of God" is a global phenomenon, spanning books, a wine club and a salon in California. Catch up with the creators in this interview.


Winter Whites: 10 Elegant Austrian Chardonnays And Pinot Blancs

Austria's winemakers have mastered Chardonnay (Morillon) and Pinot Blanc (Weissburgunder). Here are ten bottles you should try.

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Chemists, Bartenders And British Royalty: Eight Women Who Changed Gin History

From a 17th-century British noblewoman to modern mixologists, here's a timeline of eight of the most esteemed women in gin history.


Detroit Hustle: The Best Bars And Restaurants In Motor City

Chefs, artists and innovators of all kinds bring fresh energy to Detroit. Find the best restaurants, wine lists and cocktails in this travel guide.

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