Celebrating your 90th birthday is an impressive feat, and a team of researchers from Maastricht University Medical Centre in the Netherlands has found a potential secret weapon for reaching that milestone. Their study found that men and women who enjoyed an average of one alcoholic beverage per day had a higher probability of reaching age 90 than abstainers and heavy drinkers.


Megastar singer Alecia Moore -better known as Pink – makes wine in Santa Barbara under her Two Wolves label, but her old-school inspirations are the Loire and Bordeaux. Wine Spectator senior editor James Molesworth caught up with the megastar recently to talk about what brought her to wine, her old-school vigneron inspirations and the mad-scientist experiments she’s working on now.


When it comes to having a healthy smile, most wine drinkers are concerned with what wine does to their teeth. But a recent study on alcohol and oral health has focused attention down to a microscopic level.


Vintners in the Hill Country region finished harvest just days ahead of the storm; now many are helping with relief efforts.


Distell continues to shed vineyards with the sale of Stellenzicht Winery to Ernie Els Wines.


Digging up sand for construction firms on vineyard properties would destroy the local beauty, they argue.


New research finds that red wine can counter the short-term damage inflicted by smoking.


Humans already depend on microorganisms like yeast and lactic acid bacteria when making wine.


Moderate consumption of white and fortified wines could reduce diabetic retinopathy; leftover grape pomace shows some health potential.


If you hang around wine long enough, you discover, perhaps to your surprise, that there aren’t as many commonalities among wine drinkers as you had first imagined.

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