Why A Grape Turns Into A Fireball In A Microwave

THE INTERNET IS full of videos of thoughtful people setting things on fire. Here’s a perennial favorite: Cleave a grape in half, leaving a little skin connecting the two hemispheres. Blitz it in the microwave for five seconds. For one glorious moment, the grape halves will produce a fireball unfit for domestic life.


Don’t Save The Planet For The Planet. Do It For The Beer

If your Super Bowl Sunday includes cold brewskis, you'll want to get that climate change thing fixed. Just ask Budweiser.


The $30 HyperChiller Cools Your Favorite Drink in 60 Seconds. Even Hot Coffee

It works great on wine and cocktails too. Just sayin'.


The Mysteries of Chickpea Water, a Magical Substitute for Eggs

Labs have spent years trying to recreate the complexity of eggs, scoop by powdery scoop. Little did they know their answer was in a can of chickpeas.


Physics says this is the best way to cool down hot coffee

LIKE MANY PEOPLE, I enjoy getting a nice cup of coffee. Not that silly sugary stuff like a double-whip, non-fat, vanilla bean, espresso, iced with a twist of lime.


Hacking Your SodaStream With a Paintball Canister Can Save You Piles of Money

As long as you have some basic Ikea skills and a nearby place to refill a tank, you can better manage the cost of your addiction to fizzy water.


Italians Compare the Arrival of Starbucks to the Apocalypse

Well, unless they bring scones.


Napa is Fermenting Your Wine With Submarine Technology

A Napa vineyard's high-tech logic control system can detect risk factors before they develop into wine-spoiling problems.


Magical Gadget Lets You Drink Wine Without Uncorking the Bottle

HAVE YOU EVER wanted to sneak a taste—and just a taste—of that 1998 Opus cabernet in your cellar?


Brilliant bar gets you drunk with an alcoholic cloud

A funny thing happens when you inhale alcohol: You get drunk.

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