THE INTERNET IS full of videos of thoughtful people setting things on fire. Here’s a perennial favorite: Cleave a grape in half, leaving a little skin connecting the two hemispheres. Blitz it in the microwave for five seconds. For one glorious moment, the grape halves will produce a fireball unfit for domestic life.


LIKE MANY PEOPLE, I enjoy getting a nice cup of coffee. Not that silly sugary stuff like a double-whip, non-fat, vanilla bean, espresso, iced with a twist of lime.


HAVE YOU EVER wanted to sneak a taste—and just a taste—of that 1998 Opus cabernet in your cellar?


A funny thing happens when you inhale alcohol: You get drunk.


Ryan Schude doesn’t do selfies, street photography or fashion shoots.


On Monday of this week, Connecticut’s House of Representatives voted to ban the sale of powdered alcohol, supporting a bill that will go to Governor Dannel Malloy for approval.


I’VE BEEN SPENDING some time in wine country recently, renting a cabin from friends.


ARE YOU ONE of those people who hasn’t been able to drink tequila since college, if you know what I mean?


Today, the Australian winery Penfolds announced the world’s most expensive wine sold directly from a winery, eloquently dubbed “2004 Block 42.”


This 3-ounce collapsible shot “glass” will hold 1.7 ounces of liquid, allowing you to take a hit of espresso in the morning, a sip of wine with lunch and a shot of Scotch any damn time you like. The stainless steel rings collapse down and fit into a small metal keychain-able case, and should you really want to hide the cup from prying, teetotal partners, it comes with its own faux-leather zip-shut case.

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