HAVE YOU EVER stuck a spoon in an unfinished bottle of Champagne, stuffed Saran wrap into a decanter of corked wine or spun a Cabernet in a blender?


Celebrities today have become brands, looking to expand their presence into every realm—including wine. Wall Street Journal wine columnist Lettie Teague says enough is enough.


The perfect coffee mug to keep at work is lovingly protected from thieves in the office break room and is often treasured by its owner for years, if not decades.


IF SOMEONE GAVE you a glass of wine and said it was “foxy,” would you gladly accept it or quickly turn it down?


I RARELY SAVE my unfinished bottles of wine. Few wines are as good, let alone better, on the second or third day as they are on the first.


MORE THAN a quarter million wine lovers visit Chateau Ste. Michelle in Woodinville, Wash., each year.


Across New York City, bartenders are dropping pigs and fish into drinks. And customers love it.


IN NORTHERN California—a place awash in craft-beer consciousness—there’s still a surprise to be found at Freewheel Brewing Company’s Redwood City pub: a proper pint.


HAVE WE REACHED peak gin yet? Not so long ago, ordering a gin and tonic meant being served a rather bland but perfectly acceptable Gordon’s gin with a slice of lemon and a mainstream mixer.


From waiters who automatically hand the wine list to the man at the table to crazy corkage fees, readers share their pet peeves—and what they do about them.

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