Soft-drinks Vs Lassi: Why Kids Choose Junk Food Decoded

Childhood obesity continues to be a significant public health concern globally, even occurring simultaneously with food insecurity in many countries.


Here’s How Climate Change Could Change The Taste Of Your Wine

The study suggests that wine producers now face a choice proactively experiment with new varieties or risk suffering the negative consequences of climate change. 


Bubble Size May Decide How Good Your Wine Is

The applications of this work could prove useful for aiding in the quality assurance testing of sparkling wines and other carbonated beverages, researchers said.


Lady Gaga To Release New Wine Range

 Joanne Trattoria Vino Blanco and Joanne Trattoria Vino Rossa, named after the "Born This Way" hitmaker's late aunt


No More Waiting At Petrol Pumps: Beer To Power Our Cars In Future

The researchers have been working for several years to develop technology that will convert widely-available ethanol into butanol.


France Shuts Down Halal Store Because It Does Not Sell Pork Or Wine

The store stocked exclusively halal products.


A Glass Of Red Wine Every Week May Improve Chances Of Pregnancy: Study

Researchers found that those who consumed more than five servings of red wine a month enjoyed a higher ovarian reserve – a measure of a woman’s reproductive health.


Do You Know Why Beer Makes You Feel Good?

Drinking beer can lift your spirits as it contains an ingredient that stimulates the brain’s reward centre and makes people feel good, scientists have found.


Australian Brewer To Launch ‘fossil Beer’

In 2014, the island made international headlines when "alien-looking" fossils from 500 million years ago were uncovered.


Too Much Beer, Hot Dogs May Up Colon Cancer Risk: Study

Other factors found to increase colorectal cancer include eating high amounts of red meat (above 500 grammes a week), such as beef or pork; and being overweight or obese, researchers said.

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