Western Cape and Gauteng are paying more for beer than the rest of South Africa

Beer in the Western Cape and Gauteng cost an estimated R2 more compared to Limpopo and the North West, South Africa Market Insights says.

In a blog post on Monday, South Africa Market Insights said a 330 ml beer can costs an average of R14.27 in the Western Cape, R13.83 in Gauteng, R11.79 in Limpopo and R11.80 in the North West.

The numbers are based on an extrapolation of official figures from Statistics South Africa.

“Cape Town has a massive brewery and it is curious that the cost of beer be so much more expensive in the Western Cape when there is a large brewery located close by,” the financial site wrote.

“This [means there’s] less shipping and transportation and storage costs involved to get the beer to the consumers in the Western Cape.”

In KwaZulu-Natal, beer costs an average of R12.76 per 330ml, R12.51 in Mpumalanga and R11.97 in the Eastern Cape.

Beer prices have stayed pretty consistent across the country since October, except the Western Cape which has seen a price increase from R13.94 to R14.27 since November.

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