What a special treat a Mimosa is!

A Mimosa is a very special treat and is perfect for the holidays when you take that special vacation and you wake up to gentle music and have an entire day just to relax. Nothing says “special day – special person” like a Mimosa.

The basic Mimosa was first created at a hotel in France about 1925 by a bartender who decided to experiment a bit. The Mimosa is a cocktail recipe having two parts of thoroughly chilled orange juice combined with three parts champagne, but there are several variations that you should consider trying.

Basic Mimosa Recipe

# Champagne
# 2 ounces of cold orange juice (Oh, if you have fresh orange juice, what a special treat!)
# Orange slice for garnish if using a large wine glass (not a flute – no garnish with a flute)
# Crushed ice (optional)

# Pour orange juice into a champagne flute (I use just a tiny bit of crushed ice in mine)
# Add champagne to fill the glass but be careful not to overfill
# Garnish with a slice of orange if using a glass other than a flute

If you want more ice, use a large wine glass and pour 3 parts of champagne in the glass and then add 2 parts orange juice.

Variations of the Basic Mimosa Recipe

  • Add a tablespoon of Grand Marnier and you’ll have created a Grand Mimosa (very close to a Mama Mimosa – see below)
  • Use cranberry juice instead of orange juice and you have created a Hibiscus or a Poinsettia
  • Use pink grapefruit instead of orange juice and enjoy a Lilosa