What Are The Best Rated Tequilas?

What’s your preferred spirit? For many, it’s a smooth whisky, for others a vodka, but for many lovers of short drinks, it has to be tequila. The Mexican spirit comes in many forms, each of which is equally spellbinding and has a reputation as one of the most lively of all spirits. It’s also great in cocktails as well as neat with the salt and lime as traditionally taken. It’s a quality drink, yet one with humble origins, and is held in high regard by many in the know.

Choosing the best tequila is never going to be easy as the variety of choice is vast, but you can take a look at these tequila reviews and ratings if you want to get some good ideas. What we’re going to do here is talk about some of the tequilas we’ve tried and tell you what we think.

So, let’s give this glorious Mexican spirit a page of its own! We start by looking at a classic, a white tequila that is a favourite for many a fan. 

 What Makes the Best Tequila?

Let’s talk about Casa Dragones, a Blanco tequila that has made a strong impression in the market. It has all the attributes of a great spirit in being astonishingly clear, it’s very smooth to drink with none of the rough feel you get with some. It’s easily among the best quality tequilas you’ll find anywhere. In short, it’s what tequila should be, but what makes it that way?

Like many spirits that are strong, tequila is something of an acquired taste. A first sip may yield a sharp and seemingly unpalatable taste, but once you begin to take it in you will find that it becomes a flavour all of its own. Tequila is the wine of the spirit world, being difficult to understand at first but impressive as you learn how to take it, and it is certainly a drink that will grow on the drinker.

This is not a drink to ‘knock back’ unless you are doing it the ceremonial way with the salt, but one to be sipped lightly, the taste savoured, and the spicy aftertastes taken in too. This is a classy drink despite its basic upbringing, and the Caso Dragones is one you need to try if you want to sample premium tequila.

Choose Carefully

Tequila doesn’t have to be an expensive drink. The Caso Dragones mentioned above is a premium price brand, but there are others that are surprisingly affordable and still make a great drink. One of the budget brands you’ll find is Kirkland. Despite the name, this is a genuine Mexican tequila made in Mexico, and sold by budget brand Costco. There are a number of different tequilas available under the brand, but is it any good?

The simple fact is it’s a perfectly decent tequila if you want a drink with a difference, and at the price, it is certainly one that will find its way into many cocktail recipes that use tequila as a base. What it does do is give you a taste for basic tequila that, once you try the genuinely high-quality brands, will make you see the difference. It’s not bad, and it’s worth the price, but you’re not going to find it among a tequila aficionado collection.

Tequila has a rightful place among quality spirits, even if it is not seen as one by some who prefer a more elite drink, and a food tequila is as impressive as a good whisky. Try it, and you’ll see what we mean.