What you can expect to eat on an African Safari

A group of kids was asked the first things that come to their mind when they hear the word ‘Africa.’ The most common replies were animals, lions, dancing, zebra, drum, hot, and safari. The list of words from adults would probably be very similar. The food is one thing not often associated with Africa, but it should be. This land of wilderness offers a tremendous variety of fresh local ingredients, spices and vegetables. Most resorts and lodges grow their own organic vegetables and fruits.

#Tip-Most safari resorts and lodges are situated away from the city, so it is best to share your dietary requirements well in advance to have the food be prepared according to your preference.

African food

The local food in Africa consists of starches such as ugali, sadza, pap, and fufu. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, plantain, eggplant, peppers, and beans are popular here and featured in many local dishes. Meat lovers should take the chance to taste Nyama Choma, a dish of roasted meat,usually goat or beef, slowly roasted to perfection over charcoal.

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Many foods are slow-roasted and cooked with care in Africa, where multiple flavors and spices are layered together to create complex plates. Here, meats are prepared in a variety of ways: barbecued, stewed, baked, roasted. Meat dishes are commonly paired with delicious gravy and sauces, along with at least one starch, and vegetables. Rice is a common staple in Africa, and used as an ingredient in many popular dishes.

Western Food

Most safari resorts have a variety of buffet options with eggs, fresh fruits, salads, bread and local coffee. Because of the large number of travelers visiting every year, chefs do prepare classic comfort food and traditional American dishes for western travellers.

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If you’re craving scrambled eggs or some other favorite, you can probably get it pretty easily even on an African safari. Even if the resort doesn’t offer what you want, there are some African restaurants that feature American dishes. Hamburgers, fried chicken and other classic American foods are starting to become more popular in Africa, and dishes like this are commonly offered in luxury resorts that cater to foreign tourists.

 What you can expect to eat on an African Safari

Fusion Food

Fusion food made with a combination of local, Asian, and Western influence isn’t so hard to find on safari, especially at luxury resorts in Africa. Chefs at Angana, a Kenyan luxury resort, are known to surprise their guests with unique fusion food experiences, such as open BBQ nights.

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Fusion cuisine in Africa often includes foods influenced by French cooking techniques, spicy Asian flavors and different tastes from all around the world. The native vegetables and grains in Africa blend well with various meats, seafood and poultry. Many meals at luxury safaris are served in courses with multiple dishes. Try them all, and you can go on a culinary tour of the world without leaving your seat.

Eating on a safari is an unforgettable experience, full of exotic and familiar tastes. You’ll feast on meats, vegetables and grains that you’ve eaten many times before, but prepared in ways you never would have expected. You’ll also taste African foods you’ve never experienced. Eating is a big part of the safari experience, so make it a point to enjoy every meal during your trip.