What do Coldplay have against Chardonnay?

The wonderful website ‘The Smoking Gun’ is the ideal destination for anyone who doubts that Spinal Tap are a real band.

For the last couple of years the good people that run Smoking Gun have been collecting the ‘riders’ that entertainers thrust upon concert venues as part of their agreement to turn up and play. From Sinatra to Rhianna there is no shortage of bizarre requests

When it come to wine, you get a real insight into just how poorly the entertainment industry applies itself to the choice of wine it takes on tour.

Serial miserablists Coldplay provide us with a stunning insight into vinous ignorance by requesting simply ‘Two bottles of red wine and two bottles of dry white wine NOT CHARDONNAY’ on their 2003 tour rider. In an instant the complaint rockers strike a line through the great Burgundy’s of the world.

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