What Does Wine Sound Like?

Tasting wine is one thing, but what about listening to it? Inspired by Champagne Krug’s odd new marketing device, The Krug Shell, Charles Antin gets to the bottom of how sound impacts our enjoyment of wine.

Here’s a question you can probably answer: What did you have to drink last night? Here’s one you probably can’t: What did it sound like? What you probably heard was the pop of the champagne cork or the clink of ice in your Negroni. If you’re like me, you can recall these things if asked, but you don’t really see the point in doing so. When I started to learn about wine, a large, slightly hunchbacked woman with a nose straight out of The Dark Crystal taught me to look at it, smell it and then taste it. Listening to it didn’t come up, and it hasn’t since. But recently, I realized that sound affects the way we drink more than I had thought.

It all started with the Krug Shell.

With a seemingly infinite marketing budget, the venerable champagne house decided to hire a French artist named Ionna Vautrin to design a sort of “amplifier” for their champagne—a Bernardaud Limoges porcelain gramophone that rests perfectly on top of a custom Riedel “Joseph” glass.

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